Version 3.0.10 (14.Nov.2020)

-New category: Journal

-New category: Tutorials (Allgemein – Tutorials)


Version 3.0.9 (13.Nov.2020)

-Plugins updated

-Stock / Financial will now show all articles about the topics (Bug solved)


Version (31.Oct.2020)

-Plugins updated

-Changelog Page is available in EN


Version (25.Oct.2020)

-Plugins updated


Version 3.0.8 (10.Oct.2020)

-Plugins updated

-Website has now a private Wiki with Snippets and Shortcodes to create much faster articles

-Permalinks will from now on showed with the name of the article instead of the date

-Cookie note because of Google Analytics works again


Version 3.0.7 (26.Sept.2020)

-Plugins updated

-Similar Articles modified


Version 3.0.6 (22.Sept.2020)

-OpenStreetMap Plugin V5.5 installed


Version 3.0.6 (18.Sept.2020)

-Category Livestreams (Gaming) created

-Category Livestreams (Gaming) available in the Sidebar

-Plugins updated

-AP Pagination works again

-Category Local-Reviews is available

-Previous cooking classes are set on 01.Sept.20 – 22:00 o clock, so the first article will be shown as the first one


Version 3.0.5 (16.Sept.2020)

-Financial disclaimer for stock / financial things is available

-Financial disclaimer for stock / financial things integrated into the Imprint

-Financial disclaimer for stock / financial things is available in the Footer

-Financial disclaimer for stock / financial things is also in the Menu / left Sidebar


Version 3.0.4 (13.Sept.2020)

-A new hint is in the Footer

-Plugins updated

-FAQ created


Version 3.0.3 (05.Sept.2020)

-Menu will be presented correctly on Smartphones and Tablets

-Started with importing articles from and integrated

Recipe-Index Page created

-Recipes cann be pinned at Pinterest


Version 3.0.2 (03.Sept.2020)

-Articles from imported and integrated

-Changed the background again

-Cache is now available for the Website

-PHP Version 7.4 will be used

-WordPress Update to Version 5.5

-Changed the color of the footer

-Menu-Slider background changed

-FSK Icons will be displayed if the moviews were in the FSK catalogue

-qTranslator xt 3.8.1 installed


Version 3.0.1 (02.Sept.2020)

-Background changed

-Modified categories

-Verlinkungen im Footer erneuert

Imprint and Data Privacy updated (Sept. 2020)

-“Quellen für Bilder” has been updated and added some more sources

-USK Icons will be displayed if the games were in the USK catalogue


Version 3.0 (01.Sept.2020)

-Redesign from the Website

-New categories created

-Installed new plugins and deleted old useless one

-Footer code modified

-The view can be changed in the Footer


Version 1 and 2 (01.Jan.2014-31.Aug.2020)